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Book on No Borders

With Brexit getting done and with ongoing migration from Syria and nearby regions across Europe including the Channel crossings, there’s never been a better time to look at the activist and political aspects of No Borders. Natasha King wrote the book No Borders : The Politics of Immigration Control and Resistance in 2016 based on the work in her PhD from The University of Nottingham and experiences as an activist around the time when No Borders and Calais Migrant Solidarity was emerging as a major focus in the UK and Europe.

No Borders Camp Brussels – Nottingham activists tell their story

Here is an article about the experiences of those that went from Nottingham to Brussels at the end of Sept/start October 2010, and lots of links to information about the camp and what took place.

No Borders Camp Brussels

At the beginning of October a group of us in Nottingham went to the Brussels No Borders camp. In many ways it was interesting and inspiring, and at the same time tiring and frustrating. Since returning to Nottingham we’ve tried to piece together our thoughts on the camp, its successes and failures and how it might be relevant to those living in Nottingham who aim to live in a world without borders.

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Website for No Borders Camp in Brussels – Sept 27th to Oct 3rd 2010

What is the no border camp?

From September 27th until October 3rd 2010 a No Border camp will take place in Brussels.

The set-up of the camp will start on Sept 25th. There will be a lot of activities organised during the week and a big demonstration on October 2nd. The idea of the camp is to bring people together who support the demands of No Borders and who want to gather to debate, get informed, protest, view documentaries and party. The No Border movement struggles against the European and Belgian migrant policy, for freedom of movement and settlement and for the abolition of borders.

A multi-lingual website has been set up. This is the English language home page:

Two days of action against racist press – Nottingham report and pictures of banner drops

No Borders Racist Press Day of ActionThis morning, three banners were dropped in various locations across Nottingham city centre as part of two days of action against racist press, organised by the UK No Borders network ( http://noborders.org.uk/node/1 )

No Borders Racist Press Day of Action
The banners stayed up for varying lengths of time, with one still being there late into the afternoon. One of the banners was directly facing the offices of the Nottingham Evening Post in order to highlight their practise of distributing prejudice around Nottingham on a daily basis (see article here: http://nottingham.indymedia.org.uk/articles/125 )

Elsewhere, London No Borders produced a spoof Metro newspaper: http://www.indymedia.org.uk/en/2010/07/454790.html

No Borders Racist Press Day of Action

Some No Borders video links

No Borders and Calais Migrant Solidarity activists gathered in Paris for a day of action for Freedom of Movement around the Gare du Nord (May 2010):

The first ever demonstration against a detention centre in Bulgaria organised by the Bulgarian Anarchist Federation of Anarchists in Bulgaria (FAB-IFA). March 20th, 2010 (no sound):

Documentary about Frontex (EU border control operation) in 2009:
Frontex: The Movie (featuring noborder camp in lesvos 2009) :

No Borders Nottingham info-nights

As advertised on Notts Indymedia, No Borders Nottingham held the first in series of info-nights on Wed. 19 May, 7pm, at the Sumac Centre. The first info-night was on Detention and Deportation. The next info-night is on June 23rd on Capitalism and Migration, venue details to be announced.


19 May – Detention and Deportation
23 June – Capitalism and Migration
21 July – Frontex
25 Aug. – Clandestinity and the struggle of migrants
22 Sept. – European migration policy

In preparation for the Brussels No Borders Camp in September, Nottingham No Borders is holding a series of info nights as an introduction into the topics that will be discussed at the camp. With films, food, and lots of interesting discussion, we hope to create an informal and open space for those who may be new to the politics of No Borders as well as those who would like the chance to delve more deeply into the details of the UK and European border regime and how it can be challenged.

Detention and Deportation
Wednesday 19 May, 7pm, Sumac Centre

The system of detention and deportation is one of the main ways in which the state attempts to control migration and violently curtail people’s freedom to move. What can we do to work in solidarity with those in detention? How do we challenge the private companies that make a profit from running detention centres and forcibly removing people? Is there a wider battle to be fought against the prison system as a whole?

No Borders Nottingham : text for Mayday 2010

No Borders Nottingham

No Borders is an activist network that supports Freedom of Movement and the Right to Remain for all. The network links No Borders groups across the UK and there are transnational ties to groups on the continent of Europe and across its borders. The No Borders group in Nottingham includes many local activists who are involved with supporting and working alongside asylum seekers who live in the area, detainees wherever they are, migrants in the squats and on the streets in Calais and supporting solidarity between domestic and migrant workers.
[Click ‘Read more’ for the rest of the text. For details of Mayday 2010 read our older blog article below.]
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No Borders at Nottingham MAYDAY 2010

Meet No Borders activists and find literature on our stall at the annual Mayday celebrations in Nottingham on 1st May 2010, this year moved to Victoria Park, Bath Street – near the Victoria Leisure Centre (which the City Council has just closed) and near Sneinton Market. Assemble at 11 am. There will be a march leaving Victoria Park at 12 for Speaker’s Corner (Clough statue), returning to Victoria Park for music, stalls, speakers and more. Look out for the No Borders Nottingham banner on the march. More details:
The Nottingham Mayday committee includes activists on asylum and refugee issues. Don’t let migrant workers take any blame for the UK’s economic woes. The government, opposition parties and racist right-wingers know how to use ‘divide and rule’ all too well!

Nottingham No Borders banner