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Dover detainees begin protest after forced removal to Angola on British Airways kills Jimmy Mubenga

Detainees in Dover immigration prison will start a mass protest today following the death of fellow detainee Jimmy Mubenga during his forcible
deportation on a British Airways flight to Angola.

In a statement, signed by over 25 of the detainees, they demanded

“an official investigation into the death of Jimmy Mubenga during his forcice
deportation to Angola on 12 October 2010. We demand that all those responsible for this brutal crime at the UKBA, G4S and British Airways are
held responsible and punished accordingly.”

Detainees in other detention centres around the country are said to have been disturbed by the news and may well start their own protests.

Nottingham family detained after morning immigration raid: Urgent appeal

Selina Adda and children detained after a raid at their home in The Meadows

UPDATE: Removal stayed. Selina and her children were arriving home [/b]in Nottingham as of 4th Oct, after they were detained for removal to Ghana on Friday. A good neighbour drove to London to collect them as soon as they knew she was being released. Selina has seen that 940 supporters signed a petition in support of her and the children. Brian (aged 8) is very happy ‘to be out of the Dungeon’, and we are hoping that little Chelsea (5) will start eating again soon, because she wouldn’t eat in Yarl’s Wood (Immigration Removal Centre in Bedfordshire). The campaign has learnt is that another family with young children ‘disappeared’ from the same school (St Patricks, in Wilford) over the summer holidays, and an older sister bringing a younger sibling to school mentioned that her family had beein in Yarlswood for three months last year. This is just one primary school… we need to keep the Campaign going for Selina, and we need to think about what else is going on in our midst.

Evening Post article:

Selina Adda and her two children, Brian (aged 8) and Chelsea (aged 4) were detained after Immigration arrived at their home in The Meadows (Nottingham South) yesterday morning, just as they were getting ready to go to their school, St Patricks, in Wilford. Selina is from Ghana. She is now ill in Yarlswood, and her little girl is refusing to eat. Yesterday she just asked for orange juice, and Selina was explaining that there is none. Friends and supporters of Selina have put together a letter to the Immigration Minister, and a petition is up and running online
Selina and her children (The Adda Family: Home Office ref: A1290971) face removal to Ghana on Friday, BA 81 at 14.15 3rd October: LONDON HEATHROW–>ACCRA, GHANA (ACC). Use this model letter [attachment=16] to write to Liam Byrne.
Please send copies of what you have sent to the campaign address:
St Saviour’s Cottage, St Saviour’s Gardens, The Meadows, Nottingham, NG2 3HL
tel: 0115 9567686 email: selina_adda@live.com or to Nottingham & Notts Refugee Forum. Read more for full info and text of model letter. Complain to British Airways also (again, read more for phone/fax details).

This news comes as the Home Office has been forced to recognise that there are hundreds of claims by asylum-seekers of abuse and assault in detention centres and during removals, and start an investigation.
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Another BA flight leaves for Nigeria without family HO wanted to deport on July 2nd

Yesterday No Borders South Wales reported another successful campaign to stop a deportation flight. Family Kemi Ayinde, Taiwo Salami, and Yasim Salami were not deported as the home office had planned, although they were taken to the airport at 6am on morning of 2nd July and actually boarded the plane bound for Nigeria. Airways staff were talking about ?all the phone calls? before informing the family that they were unable to fly them as they had been advised Kemi was not fit to travel. The family?s case is not over; they are currently imprisoned in Yarlswood detention centre without legal representation and still with the threat of immanent deportation hanging over them.

Supporters were called to a Public Meeting in Butetown, Cardiff this evening (3rd July) to hear first hand accounts of contending with British border controls from local asylum seekers Babakhan ‘Babi’ Badalov and Constance Nzeneu, followed by a discussion and practical advice on resistance to the UK Border regime.

Full article on No Borders South Wales website:
Sanctuary for Kemi Ayinde, Taiwo Salami, and Yasim Salami
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Protest to British Airways against Hicham Yezza removal! – model letter available online

Protest to British Airways against Hicham Yezza removal! - model letter available onlineNottingham University’s Hicham Yezza is due for removal on flight BA894 from Heathrow T5, destination Algiers, at 9.45am this Sunday, June 1st. A model letter for protesting to British Airways demanding they refuse to carry him is available at:
http://freehichamyezza.wordpress.com/. It can be modified as you wish. Address/fax details follow the letter. BA can refuse to carry Hicham. They have a choice. They must be made to take the right decision.

The university should be ashamed at its disregard for an innocent employee caught up the mess they have created by going along with the government’s Stasi-like ‘anti-terror’ procedures.
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