Barnardo’s role in Child Detention revealed

Does Barnardo’s legitimise child detention? By Frances Webber 17 March 2011, 10:00pm

“The children’s charity’s decision to work with the UK Border Agency (UKBA) in its planned short-term family detention facility has caused alarm among campaigners.”

See also: Barnardo’s to operate detention centre in which children will be imprisoned in ‘secure’ accommodation

Barnardo’s won’t lessen trauma of child detention

Why Barnardo’s is providing support for families at new pre-departure accommodation:

No One Is Illegal – video of an action in London

No One Is Illegal has begun a nationwide week of leafletting and stunts to try to get the idea of No/Open Borders out to the wider public. THE CAMPAIGN STARTS TODAY, and runs through till next Friday. Visit for details and download broadsheet: They also commissioned the Love Police to do this video: No One Is Illegal (video featuring Charlie Veitch and The Kindness Offensive) action in London

A YouGov poll, whose results arrived yesterday. Confounding many assumptions about the British public, 54% OF THOSE INTERVIEWED AGREED with the statement: People should be free to live and work wherever they wish, and enjoy the same rights as all other residents. No one is illegal.

SIGN THE DECLARATION (and get as many others as possible to do the same):