Barnardo’s role in Child Detention revealed

Does Barnardo’s legitimise child detention? By Frances Webber 17 March 2011, 10:00pm

“The children’s charity’s decision to work with the UK Border Agency (UKBA) in its planned short-term family detention facility has caused alarm among campaigners.”

See also: Barnardo’s to operate detention centre in which children will be imprisoned in ‘secure’ accommodation

Barnardo’s won’t lessen trauma of child detention

Why Barnardo’s is providing support for families at new pre-departure accommodation:

One thought on “Barnardo’s role in Child Detention revealed”

  1. Bernardos really are the wrong people to be around children. Not content with being a big player in one of the biggest, but mainly unheard of, scandals of the late nineteenth and up to mid-twentieth centuries, the forced migration/deportation of over a hundred thousand children to Australia, Canada and other places, they now get involved in yet more child deportations through this disgusting collaboration with the government. They clearly have no conscience and no shame.

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