Two events in Nottingham this week: 21st & 24th July

‘Tuesday Night Project’ Barbecue followed by No Borders meeting: Tuesday 21st July from 6pm at Nottingham and Notts Refugee Forum (Square Centre).

Amdani Juma support rally in the Market Square on Friday 24th July at 5.15pm. Click on Read More for the latest Press Release with background to Amdani’s campaign to stay in Nottingham.
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Call for action against Calais eviction

URGENT CALL OUT for activists, legal observers, journalists and video activists to support migrants in Calais, France against imminent police attack and deportation!

Information from activists on the ground in Calais points to the police preparing to destroy some or many of the ‘jungles’ housing around 1,800 migrants in Calais, sometime this week beginning Monday 20th July. These ‘jungles’ are where people who have travelled across Europe wait in makeshift shelters, with little food or medical assistance, for their nightly attempts to get onto lorries making the crossing to the UK. Many of the migrants will be unaware of this threat. Reports from Calais say the French authorities are preparing for the destruction of the make-shift camps next Tuesday, 21st July, with a mass deportation flight to Afghanistan planned on Friday, 24th July.

Brutal treatment of cleaners from London college, following immigration raids

More news is emerging of just how dehumanising and brutal have been the effects of the immigration raids at SOAS organised by external contractor ISS shortly after the cleaners won union recognition and pay rises to the level of the London living wage.

One of the UNISON members picked up, who was traumatised by the clandestine nature of the raid and the appearance of around 40 officers in full body armour, arrived back in Bogota, 48 hours after the raid, wearing the same clothes she was arrested in and with 75pence in her pocket. Others were deported or are detained at Yarl’s Wood.

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Amdani Juma’s campaign takes to the streets again

Amdani Juma has been refused the Right to Remain in a manner breaching the Home Office’s own regulations, not to mention through a disgracefully botched and irregular process that no human being should be subjected to. A torture survivor and pro-democracy activist, Amdani escaped death more than once. He has no family in Burundi; his cousin, brother and sister are all permanently resident in the UK or the Netherlands. Human Rights groups and the UN report ongoing human rights abuses and torture in Burundi.

Read More to find out what you can do including Market Sq. demo on Friday 24th July at 5.15pm, other public events, petition etc …
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