Amdani Juma’s campaign takes to the streets again

Amdani Juma has been refused the Right to Remain in a manner breaching the Home Office’s own regulations, not to mention through a disgracefully botched and irregular process that no human being should be subjected to. A torture survivor and pro-democracy activist, Amdani escaped death more than once. He has no family in Burundi; his cousin, brother and sister are all permanently resident in the UK or the Netherlands. Human Rights groups and the UN report ongoing human rights abuses and torture in Burundi.

Read More to find out what you can do including Market Sq. demo on Friday 24th July at 5.15pm, other public events, petition etc …

Download and print off this leaflet.

Look for us at the Carnival on the Forest this Weekend, 4th & 5th July.

Join our rally in the Market Square on Friday 24th July at 5.15pm.

Meet Amdani at the Nottingham Pride event in the Arboretum on Saturday July 25th, where Amdani will be campaigning once again to help others, in the prevention of HIV in the Black Community.

Please sign the e-petition if you haven’t:

And Meet the Man:

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