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Campaign with petition for Abdul Ghafar Rajabali – release from detention, no deportation

Update 16/5/2013 (full details below):

Abdul has been given his scheduled date for removal and flight time from the UK for early morning next Wednesday 22nd May at 00.10am. He is understandably very worried about this but his many friends continue to support him in every way they can.

What you can do:
– first and foremost, sign the petition at the website below:
– write to your local MP (or the relevant office for external affairs if you’re outside of the UK)
– write to Home Secretary, Theresa May MP at public.enquiries@homeoffice.gsi.gov.uk
– copy your email to Minister for Immigration, Mark Harper MP, at ministerforimmigration@homeoffice.gsi.gov
– telephone the office of the Home Secretary, Theresa May MP, on +44(0)20 7035 4848 or +44(0)870 606 7766
– telephone the office of the Minister for Immigration on +44(0)20 7035 4848 or +44(0)20 7219 5056

Let’s make a big push over the next few days to help ensure that Abdul stays.

Solidarity with Abdul!

We have been contacted by friends in Leicester about the detention of Abdul Ghafar Rajabali. As part of his asylum requirement, Abdul regularly reported to the UK Border Agency reporting station in Loughborough. However, while reporting to UKBA on Friday 10th May 2013, he was detained and held at Loughborough police station. From there, he was to be transferred to Morton Hall Detention Centre in Lincolnshire to await his removal back to Afghanistan. Morton Hall Visitors’ Group are aware of this.

Petition | Release Abdul Ghafar Rajabali and halt his deportation | Change.org

Here’s Abdul’s story in brief:

Abdul is being held in Morton Hall Detention Centre awaiting deportation to Afghanistan
He fled Afghanistan as a teenager to avoid the option of being either press-ganged into the Taliban or shot
His father was Russian and all his family were consequently murdered in connection with this
He arrived in the UK six years ago, when still a minor
He now knows no one in Afghanistan, would be unable to cope and would be in extreme danger there
He suffers from post-traumatic stress syndrome and has other medical problems
He has made many friends in Leicester, helps out with Leicester City of Sanctuary based at the Cathedral and participates in a local anti-racist/anti-fascist football team, FC Kolektivo Victoria – https://www.facebook.com/pages/FC-Kolektivo-Victoria/199020316797628
He is an asset to his local community

It’d be much appreciated if you could sign the petition to halt his deportation (in cases like this, they can be very useful):
Petition | Release Abdul Ghafar Rajabali and halt his deportation | Change.org

You will also find more information on his case and tips on how to help Abdul further at this website: Campaign for Abdul Ghafar Rajabali

Also, if you could forward this info to anyone else you reckon would support Abdul, that’d be ace.

Dover detainees begin protest after forced removal to Angola on British Airways kills Jimmy Mubenga

Detainees in Dover immigration prison will start a mass protest today following the death of fellow detainee Jimmy Mubenga during his forcible
deportation on a British Airways flight to Angola.

In a statement, signed by over 25 of the detainees, they demanded

“an official investigation into the death of Jimmy Mubenga during his forcice
deportation to Angola on 12 October 2010. We demand that all those responsible for this brutal crime at the UKBA, G4S and British Airways are
held responsible and punished accordingly.”

Detainees in other detention centres around the country are said to have been disturbed by the news and may well start their own protests.

NCADC annual conference & AGM – London – 4th Sept 2010

The National Coalition of Anti-Deportation Campaigns 2010 conference taking place in London on Saturday 4th September is an opportunity for individuals and organisations campaigning against deportations and for migrant rights to share experiences, knowledge and expertise. The NCADC conference will take place from 10:30am to 3:30pm, with the Annual General Meeting following from 3:30pm to 4:30pm. Details for both conference and AGM can be found at:

UK Borders Agency office doors locked up in Derby as part of Week of Action against deportation

The UK Border Agency offices in Derby were reported ‘d-locked’ on the night of 2nd/3rd June 2010.
Full story on Notts Indymedia: http://notts.indymedia.org.uk/2010/06/452780.html
Elsewhere in the same ‘European week of action against the deportation machine’, G4S (Group 4 Security) were reported having pulled out of a Brighton jobs fair after a campaign to highlight their heavy role in detention and deportation:
No Borders South Wales dropped some banners in the city of Cardiff. The UKBA there are currently having to carry out a internal investigation into racism there.

At its main offices in Potters Bar, Hertfordshire on 3rd June, travel agents Carlson Wagonlit Travel were awarded ‘Deportation Profiteer of the Year’ title for their major role in booking seats on deportation flights. Campaigners from the Stop Deportation Network presented the company with the ‘award’

Protests were part of a European Week of Action Against the Deportation Machine, from 1st to 6th June 2010.

There will be a Mass demo against deportations in Parliament Square this Saturday in London, 5th June, 2-4pm. This will be followed by a solidarity evening with Kurdish and Iraqi refugees, organised by the International Federation of Iraqi Refugees @ the Ringcross Community Centre (60 Lough Rd, N7 6RH) from 6-11pm. Details: http://www.indymedia.org.uk/en/2010/06/452758.html

Visit Indymedia UK for more reports.

No Borders Nottingham info-nights

As advertised on Notts Indymedia, No Borders Nottingham held the first in series of info-nights on Wed. 19 May, 7pm, at the Sumac Centre. The first info-night was on Detention and Deportation. The next info-night is on June 23rd on Capitalism and Migration, venue details to be announced.


19 May – Detention and Deportation
23 June – Capitalism and Migration
21 July – Frontex
25 Aug. – Clandestinity and the struggle of migrants
22 Sept. – European migration policy

In preparation for the Brussels No Borders Camp in September, Nottingham No Borders is holding a series of info nights as an introduction into the topics that will be discussed at the camp. With films, food, and lots of interesting discussion, we hope to create an informal and open space for those who may be new to the politics of No Borders as well as those who would like the chance to delve more deeply into the details of the UK and European border regime and how it can be challenged.

Detention and Deportation
Wednesday 19 May, 7pm, Sumac Centre

The system of detention and deportation is one of the main ways in which the state attempts to control migration and violently curtail people’s freedom to move. What can we do to work in solidarity with those in detention? How do we challenge the private companies that make a profit from running detention centres and forcibly removing people? Is there a wider battle to be fought against the prison system as a whole?

Sanctuary for the Adda Family – things you can do

Update 28th Jan 2010: Selina and family were not removed but are still detained: http://www.indymedia.org.uk/en/regions/nottinghamshire/2010/01/445357.html

Selina Adda a national of Ghana and her two children aged five and nine years, residents of Nottingham for the last five years; are currently detained in Yarl’s Wood IRC and due to be forcibly removed from the UK on Wednesday 27th January 2010 @ 14:50 on British Airways flight BA0081 to Accra.
What you can do to help:

Full details are at this address: http://www.ncadc.org.uk/

1) Email/Phone Willie Walsh, Chief Executive Officer British Airways and urge him not to carry out the forced removal of Selina Adda and her children.

2) Email/Fax, Secretary of State for the Home Office asking that Selina Adda and her children, be granted protection in the UK. Model letter available for download.

3) Sign the Online petition.

Please let the campaign know of faxes/emails sent.

Call for action against Calais eviction

URGENT CALL OUT for activists, legal observers, journalists and video activists to support migrants in Calais, France against imminent police attack and deportation!

Information from activists on the ground in Calais points to the police preparing to destroy some or many of the ‘jungles’ housing around 1,800 migrants in Calais, sometime this week beginning Monday 20th July. These ‘jungles’ are where people who have travelled across Europe wait in makeshift shelters, with little food or medical assistance, for their nightly attempts to get onto lorries making the crossing to the UK. Many of the migrants will be unaware of this threat. Reports from Calais say the French authorities are preparing for the destruction of the make-shift camps next Tuesday, 21st July, with a mass deportation flight to Afghanistan planned on Friday, 24th July.


Amdani Juma’s campaign takes to the streets again

Amdani Juma has been refused the Right to Remain in a manner breaching the Home Office’s own regulations, not to mention through a disgracefully botched and irregular process that no human being should be subjected to. A torture survivor and pro-democracy activist, Amdani escaped death more than once. He has no family in Burundi; his cousin, brother and sister are all permanently resident in the UK or the Netherlands. Human Rights groups and the UN report ongoing human rights abuses and torture in Burundi.

Read More to find out what you can do including Market Sq. demo on Friday 24th July at 5.15pm, other public events, petition etc …
Continue reading Amdani Juma’s campaign takes to the streets again