Another BA flight leaves for Nigeria without family HO wanted to deport on July 2nd

Yesterday No Borders South Wales reported another successful campaign to stop a deportation flight. Family Kemi Ayinde, Taiwo Salami, and Yasim Salami were not deported as the home office had planned, although they were taken to the airport at 6am on morning of 2nd July and actually boarded the plane bound for Nigeria. Airways staff were talking about ?all the phone calls? before informing the family that they were unable to fly them as they had been advised Kemi was not fit to travel. The family?s case is not over; they are currently imprisoned in Yarlswood detention centre without legal representation and still with the threat of immanent deportation hanging over them.

Supporters were called to a Public Meeting in Butetown, Cardiff this evening (3rd July) to hear first hand accounts of contending with British border controls from local asylum seekers Babakhan ‘Babi’ Badalov and Constance Nzeneu, followed by a discussion and practical advice on resistance to the UK Border regime.

Full article on No Borders South Wales website:
Sanctuary for Kemi Ayinde, Taiwo Salami, and Yasim Salami