Another riot at Campsfield (Oxfordshire) detention centre – 14th June 2008 (& escapes a few days later)

LATEST NEWS 19 June (BBC Oxfordshire):
7 detainees escape from Campsfield overnight.

Information about the most recent riot on June 14th by those who are sick of being detained, can be found on Indymedia (Migration section):

Those of us on the outside show our solidarity with those who are locked up for no other reason than their being born on other soil. More of these centres are being built in Britain and elsewhere, whilst the EU (through the ‘returns directive’) considers that 18 months detention should be considered normal. The fight to close these centres must be stepped up. See Migreurop website for a map of immigration prisons and ‘camps’ across Europe. Also read (in their own sickening words) how GEO group, the company who run Campsfield, see incarceration of human beings in terms of profit for their shareholders and are so proud of their listing on the New York Stock Exchange.