Jane Mary Mutetsi’s incarceration & the meaning of No Borders

Jane Mary Mutetsi's incarceration & the meaning of No BordersAs reported over the last week, Nottingham and Notts Refugee Forum volunteer Jane Mary Mutetsi is still detained by the police. We are more than sick of this. All who value freedom must say no to this continuous abuse of asylum seekers, refugees and migrant workers. We maintain that no one is illegal. We in No Borders defy the very idea of nation states and national borders that mean nothing to us. The greatest hypocrisy is that capitalist exploitation of labour and the environment is global, and war can be waged across borders by the rulers and armies of nation states against the wishes of most of the world’s population. Yet people are not free to move from one place to another to escape this madness. Little longer than 100 years ago passports did not even exist. Further before that, neither did nation states with border controls. These are human constructs that can and must be challenged and ultimately destroyed.