No Borders Winter Gathering – 26th-28th February 2010

The network will meet in Nottingham this time.

The No Borders Network Winter Gathering will take place in Nottingham at the Sumac Social Centre (245 Gladstone Street, Forest Fields) on the 26th – 28th February.

Read more for details and poster:
There will be workshops including:
Connecting No Borders issues with
Environment, Capitalism, Gender and Class;
Media Training; Introduction to No Borders and
Pragmatism within No Borders position, as well
as the usual feedback and networking between
local groups and other collectives.
These main sessions will take the form of
network wide discussions and smaller working
groups that will run throughout the weekend
and will include slots for: Radical left
engagement with migrant communities;
Racism, Fascism and the State; Practical
Solidarity with migrants; the situation in Calais,
Detention Centres, No Border camp in Brussels
and charter flight deportations. The weekend
will be drawn to a close by a plenary session
with proposals taken from previous days.

event poster