Unwanted refugee bumped from pillar to post by nation states

Unwanted refugee bumped from pillar to post by nation statesSince Jane Mary Mutetsi, who was born in Rwanda but had found sanctuary in Britain after growing up in Uganda, was forcibly removed from Nottingham to Uganda by this government on 16th October. Since returning she has not left the house. She has got no money. She has got no work. She is ill. She spent the first two days at one house, the next at another. How can it be different? After a lifetime in Uganda, taken there by her parents with the rest of the family when just a child, all of her own children born in Uganda, Jane Mary must attend an Immigration interview next Tuesday. The Ugandan authorities don’t understand why she has been returned to Uganda and not Rwanda. At the moment they are saying that she should go to Rwanda. If she wants to apply to enter Uganda, she should do so from Rwanda. It isn’t a surprise, it’s just so clear that the Home Office couldn’t care less where people are returned to as long as they bring the numbers down here.