Demonstrate on Thursday April 12th in Nottingham

Stop Deporting Nottingham People to the Congo

The ‘Country Guidance Tribunal? on the Democratic Republic of Congo, where the Government will decide whether it is safe to send people back to DRC, has been moved to Thursday April 12th. Wednesday’s demo in the Square at 1.00 will still go ahead (see below) and we will be building for another demonsraion on April 12th. Watch this space…..

Tthe Congo is far from safe. The situation is actually worsening….

On April 12th The Government will hold a ?Country Guidance Tribunal? to decide whether it is safe to send people who have fled to Britian in fear of their lives back to the Democratic Republic of Congo.

But the Congo is far from safe. The situation is actually worsening.
In March a United Nations report described the situation there as ?deteriorating?. Extrajudicial killings, disappearances, torture, rape, arbitrary arrest & detention by security forces and rebel groups are all increasing. Life-threatening conditions in detention facilities prevail. Security forces continue to recruit child soldiers, and compel adults and children into forced labour. Ethnic hatred is a serious problem. Journalists and human rights advocates continue to be arrested & ill-treated, while political opposition members suffer persecution and detention.

The Bishop of Winchester objected recently in the House of Lords to government claims that the country was now safe, noting that every independent organisation with first-hand experience finds ministerial assurances of safety ?simply incredible?. He said that the Country Guidance Tribunal ?will hear fresh evidence of ill-treatment, torture and rape of returned refugees, both at the airport and at associated holding centres?.

In spite of having evidence of all this, the government are indicating that they consider the situation safe and want to return people.

Asylum seekers in Nottingham need your help in putting pressure on the government to admit that its deportation policy is wrong. The Congolese community, Nottingham Refugee Network & No Borders Nottingham ask you to attend a rally to show on April 12th. Please come and show solidarity with us. For further details: &

Leaflet produced by No Borders Nottingham, Nottingham Refugee Network & The Nottingham Congolese Community