Nottingham protest against sudden detention of local Sudanese asylum seekers

Please come and demonstrate outside the Bridewell, between the Magistrates Court and the Family Court by the Canal near the railway station tomorrow morning at 10 a.m. Saturday 24th March, for our detained Sudanese friends who were arrested when they signed at Loughborough reporting centre yesterday. At least 8 from this area have been detained – three are known to us.

Important addition: This local detention appears to be part of a national ’round-up’ by the government, with the collusion of the Sudanese authorities who have been present interviewing detainees in holding centres in spite of protests by solicitors. It’s essential that the names of all the detainees are discovered and solicitors found for those who don’t have them.

There is a case in the High Court against the removal of asylum seekers to the Sudan and so the Home Office is doing its utmost to remove as many as possible before this judgment is made!! It is particularly dangerous for asylum seekers from Darfur to be returned to Khartoum.

Thanks to all who attended the protest at Bridewell police station and the Market Square. Hopefully there may be others things we can do to help thereafter.