National Campaign to Stop Deportations to DR Congo!

The ‘Central African Development Action’ (CADA) in Birmingham and the ‘Congo Support Project’ invite you to A Public Meeting on DR Congo Deportations On Saturday 24th March 2007 at 4.30pm to 7.30pm Against the Deportations of the Congolese People?..more

Venue: Ladywood Art Leisure Centre
316 Monument Road
B16 8TR

Congolese communities all around the country are
seizing the initiative to build against future
‘Charter Flights’ to the DR Congo. There have
been successful meetings in Manchester and
Coventry. There was a well-attended
anti-deportation march through the city of
Manchester yesterday. Now the campaign is going
to Birmingham.

This campaign belongs to each and every Congolese
person in Britain and in the Diaspora beyond. We
need to keep up the great momentum that has been
started in a spirit of unity and solidarity with
one another. Every individual, family, community
group and political party is vital to the
campaign’s success.

On 28th March 2007, a Country Guidance Tribunal
will challenge the Home Office by demonstrating
that those sent back to the DRC face imprisonment
and ill-treatment and their human rights are

All Congolese (refugees and asylum seekers) –
come on 24 March to find out more about the
tribunal and the campaign!
Speakers will include:
Michael Misindu, Central African Development Action
Innocent Empi, Congo Support Project North West
Liz Atherton, Congo Support Project London
The event is supported by the National Coalition
of Anti-Deportation Campaigns (NCADC), African
Community Connection (COCOA) and Cité Celeste –
French-Speaking Community
For more information, contact CADA on 0121 633 7933
077 3777 2615
CADA: cadawm[at]