Emergency support demo called on evening of continued Campsfield hunger strikes

An emergency support demo for Campsfield protesters, where there are currently up to 60 people on hunger strike (nearly a third of all of those inside), has been called by Campaign to Close Campsfield this evening Tuesday 12th August at 6:00 pm.

Location of demo:
Campsfield House IRC
Langford Lane

No Borders Nottingham sends solidarity greetings and hopes that the action will achieve some change, with the closing of Campsfield as just the start!

Read more info about the hunger strike started by 13 Iraqi Kurdish detainees against their continued detention and threatened deportation to Iraq, which is now supported by many others who are incarcerated in Campsfield, on BBC Oxfordshire website…
Asylum seekers on hunger strike (12 August 2008):

See also: Campsfield claims ‘unsurprising’ (mistreatment of detainees, 15 July 2008):