Harmondsworth/Heathrow detention centre protest suppressed by ‘riot’ cops 5 days after hunger strike started over human rights violations

Saturday April 5th 2008: Around 6.30 this morning ‘riot’ police were at Harmondsworth removal centre close to Heathrow airport, and detainees were taken away from the centre in vans. Around 30 detainees have been taken to unknown destinations, according to the news received by No Borders activists. From previous experience this looks like a typical reply from the authorities to break up protests by moving detainees to other prisons around the country and putting people in isolation.

Many thanks to Indymedia, the only independent media in the UK it seems. The lack of response from the mainstream media around the detainees’ protest has been shameful.

Read the detainees’ petition signed by 116 detainees:

Read also, Press Release by supporting groups: http://www.indymedia.org.uk/en/2008/04/395640.html