Welcome Hope to Nottingham’s Dafuris!

Further to the great news update below that things are looking better for Dafuris in the UK generally as well those we have been worried about in Nottingham, all three of the Nottingham detainees are back and very grateful for all the support. However, we are hearing alarming stories of mistreatment. Abdul Hadi is diabetic and was not allowed to take his insulin or antibiotics with him when he was cast out of Colnbrook with nothing but an underground ticket to help him get back to Nottingham. If it wasn’t for his friends who have worked so hard to help him he might not have made it back and to the QMC, where he was put on a drip. Others, including from Nottingham, were similarly released from Oakington without travel tickets and stranded destitute in Cambridge. Friends helped over the phone to get them get to a station and talked to the travel clerk to pay for tickets. How many others have been released like this? Complaints should be made and if you have time to help with this we can put you in touch with NNRF people who have been doing such wonderful work on this case. Many thanks to those people and we are really glad to have everyone out and relatively safe.