Hundreds of asylum seekers give testimony about UK’s inhumane system

As part of the publication of a report by the Independent Asylum Commission about the UK asylum system (mentioned on BBC Radio yesterday morning but then dropped), the experiences of hundreds of asylum seekers going through our hellish immigration system were recorded.

Hearings from across the UK were videoed. These can be watched on Human Rights TV and some are presented in the BBC news article Asylum seekers tell their stories

The IAC report warned that a “culture of disbelief” was leading to “perverse and unjust decisions”, and concluded overall that the treatment of asylum seekers fell “seriously below the standards to be expected of a humane and civilised society”. Proving that this culture of disbelief is alive and well, the Border and Immigration Agency rejected the report, claiming it operates a “firm but humane” system. Download IAC ‘interim findings’ report: [attachment=13]