Reminder about Zimbabwe event (Fri 28th March) and demo (Sat 29th)

Come to ‘A NIGHT FOR ZIMBABWE’ at Nottingham’s Sumac Centre on Friday 28th March! The evening will start at 6.30pm with speakers against deportations of asylum seekers back to Zimbabwe, followed by (optional, for £3 donation) meal from the popular ‘Small World Kitchen’ at 7.30pm and NGOMA Zimbabwean roots ‘n’ reggae from 8.30pm (recommended £3 donation). You’ll also have a chance to talk to members of No Borders Nottingham and find out more us.

Next day, No Borders Nottingham and our friends in the Zimbabwean community will be DEMOSTRATING in favour of asylum rights and against the Mugabe regime on Saturday 29th March, the day of the Zimbabwean election. We will meet at Speaker’s Corner in the Market Square, Nottingham, at 2.00pm to show our solidarity and to talk to the people of Nottingham about the situation for Zimbabwean asylum seekers. Please join us!