Immigration system is attacked from within and without!

We are pleased to announce that from the start of this week, the vicious UK immigration system was being attacked from within and without!

On Monday 17th December, Campsfield detainees devastated the immigration centre holding them, after assaults by guards. Blood on the floor and screams led detainees to believe a man had been murdered by guards. This is the reality of violence and fear in the state’s immigration prisons. Read Indymedia article: Campsfield IRC another disturbance in progress

Then, from 5am today, International Migrants Day, No Borders activists locked themselves to gates and doorways at 10 locations across the UK, including London, Manchester, Portsmouth, Bristol, Glasgow and Newcastle, against dawn raids on children by the Home Office’s Borders and Immigration Agency (BIA). Dawn raids were prevented in at least 2 locations by this inspirational action.

Read Indymedia articles: ?No Borders? Activists Prevent ?Dawn Raids? on Children . Action in Manchester. Action at London HQ. Pictures from Portsmouth action.

See also Guardian coverage: ‘Protesters blockade immigration depots’

We can expect much more in 2008 until these raids, incarcerations and deportations are stopped.