Jane Mary Mutetsi detained but later freed

Report from Nottingham and Notts Refugee Forum

The season of peace and goodwill has once again passed by the home office and its immigration myrmidons completely. For them, it’s peace and goodwill to all except asylum seekers. Jane Mary Mutetsi was detained while signing at Loughborough on Thursday 13th Dec 2007 and was then transferred to Yarlswood detention centre with a removal date of Tuesday, 18th December at 21.05 hours. But we are relieved to report that her removal has been stopped following an injunction application to the High Court. The matter will now need to be considered again by the High Court at a permission hearing in respect of the Judicial Review application. Anyway, Jane Mary was returned to Yarlswood on Wednesday morning, then released and came back to Nottingham by train. More Details about Jane Mary Mutetsi’s detention.

Note: NNRF has an annual christmas appeal for cash to support destitute asylum seekers – go to their website for details.